Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review: The Full Spectrum

I recently checked out the full spectrum: a new generation of writing about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and other identities from the library. Like most books, I've devoured most of it within a day. It's made me laugh and cry, in happiness, sorrow, and hope.

Some stories stood out more for me than others. One author in particular, Kaitlyn Tierney Duggan, has a way of expressing her thoughts with such clarity and dignity, her words continue to ripple through my mind, the way a stone's effects on a pond remain long after it has sunk below the surface. Here are two excerpts:

"The inherent flaw of suicide is that it is not a true ending in any sense. Least of all to your problems. Consider pain to be a form of emotional energy that, like any other form of energy, can neither be created nor destroyed. The act of suicide, rather than acting as an end to that pain, instead acts as a conductor. The pain follows the path of least resistance to those who were closest to you at the time, like a bolt of lightning striking a tree during a storm."

"We can be neither created nor destroyed, or maybe those are the only two things we can ever be. It is constant, and we call it change."

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